How do I get my name on a deed?
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How do I get my name on a deed?

On Behalf of | Jan 21, 2021 | Real Estate

A deed is a document that establishes ownership over a particular property or asset, which makes these documents extremely important. Whoever’s name is on the deed to a home owns the home, but what do you do when you need to get your name on a deed?

There are many questions a real estate attorney can answer for you, including how to get your name on a deed. Their guidance can generally keep the time it takes to do this under a week. Here is what you can expect from the process:

The process of adding a name

The first step in adding your name to a deed is collecting a legal document known as a “quitclaim deed.” This document will allow you to replace the current deed with the quitclaim form and add or remove any new names in the process. You can collect this form from bookstores, supply stores, or from an online legal form vendor.

After collecting the document, you will need to complete it in ink and include the accessor’s parcel number on the form. Be sure to list any of the current property owners under the “Grantor” section and the new names under the “Grantee” section. Everyone listed in these sections will need to sign the document in front of a notary as well.

Once the quitclaim form is complete, submit the document to the county clerk’s office. You can also submit relevant tax exemption forms at this time.

Get the guidance you need

Collecting a document and filling it out may seem simple enough. Still, it can take days after submitting the document to learn that you completed it incorrectly and days more to find the time to gather everyone necessary to complete it again. Make sure you get it done right the first time with the guidance you need from an attorney.